Teddy as a Christ Figure

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In "Teddy" by J. D. Salinger, Teddy is illustrated as a Christ figure. Many aspects of his life are similar to those of Jesus’. Salinger created in Teddy a mirror-image of the real Christ. From a very young age, Teddy displays a profound understanding of the universe and life itself, exhibited by his deep conclusions about everyday life. For example, when he is watching the floating orange peels out of the ship’s porthole, he …

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…ten when he died, he made as much of a name for himself during his lifetime as Jesus made in the thirty years of his life. "Teddy" parallels the story of Jesus in many respects. Their personalities, how they lived, how they died are all similar, and it is most probably that Salinger intended to create a Christ figure in Teddy, as an insightful mirror to the real story of Jesus, from the first-person view.