Techniques Of William Shakespeare

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Writing Style The English language, as we know it in the modern world has changed dramatically since the dawn of the Elizabethan era. Shakespeare and many other writer's of his time looked towards the English language as alive and changing. They did not consider it fixed for all time in a set of correct and unbreakable rules. Thus, he experimented freely with sentence structure and vocabulary to create "special effects". He also used various literary …

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…one red." The image of Duncan's blood turning all the oceans blood-red reveals the sadness Macbeth feels over commiting the murder. Verse Form: Shakespeare reinforced his imagery with the rhythm of his verse. His plays weremainly written in blank verse. Each line is divided into five units called feet, with the accent falling on every second syllable. Through his verse, Shakespeare could create a feeling of speed and excitement or a sense of calm dignity.