Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice

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In Chapter 3 of Tales of a Shamanís Apprentice, Plotkinís use of long lists, detailed descriptions, and analysis forces us to understand the value of his expedition because these well-kept secrets in the rainforest have numerous possibilities as medicines which are in demand right now in our world. Mark Plotkin talks about many plants that serve as healing products. These plants can be found in the jungle and used for all kinds of different …

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…on. These secrets of the rainforest can be used to help the people of our world who suffer from things as simple as a fever or as complicated as diabetes. One day it is also possible that an ailment, which has no cure presently, can easily be cured by a plant that we never expect to offer a cure. Thanks to Plotkin these little secrets will not die with the withering of the nativesí culture.