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Cats Meets The Raven What is an author? What does it matter who is speaking? These questions posed by Michel Foucault lead the reader of his essay in many directions and to multitudes of questions. The ideas presented in T.S. Eliot’s essay “From Poe to Valery” illustrate three different ways of examining Poe, his work, and also the influence of his work. Eliot discusses the various influences Poe had on such famous authors …

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…having no convictions because he never matured to that level, and Valery’s adult mind being too skeptical to hold any convictions. Eliot’s use of the three poets to display the author function and how it works through different analysis is a paper that Foucault would have admired. He shows the different ways the three poets looked at Poe’s work and then concentrated on Valery who overlooks Poe to get to his theories.