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WITH REFERENCE TO THE LOVE SONG OF J. ALFRED PRUFROCK AND PREDULES. DISCUSS HOW T.S. ELIOT CONVEYS MOOD AND THEMES. Both Prufrock and Preludes are based in the same rootless world of sordid tedium. In Prufrock Eliot is conveying a theme a strong theme and is based heavily in the Persona of Prufrock himself. Preludes is a poem of changing moods, some subtle, some profound but this time conveyed primarily through diction and repetition. …

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…briefly in the forth lyric. The three major methods Eliot utilises to convey his moods and themes are the introduction of complex persona, precise diction and emphasizing repetition. It is through these tools the constant struggle between the individual and society is conveyed. Matthew Leaver Sources utilised: Warren. Understanding Poetry. Holt, USA 1966 (p. 112-5) Spurr. The Poetry of T.S. Eliot. Glebe, Sydney 1992 (p. 2-10) Powell. Appreciating Poetry. Malaysia, 1986 (p. 91-93) 1 2 3 0 Wds Bibliography see body