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Although the typical layman would immediately label him an oddball, those who are a little bit more familiar with Tim Burton would say that he's a beautiful mess. Burton was born August 25, 1958 in Burbank, California. He lived in typical suburbia, along with his brother and parents, although he never felt very attached to them. He felt much closer to the films of Vincent Price and the writings of Edgar Allan Poe. While his parents wanted …

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…the beautiful, cheerful scenery. But every cordial attempt at interacting with the people of Christmastown fails because he unintentionally scares them. He then understands that he cannot fit in and must return to dreary Hallo'ween Land. Ed Wood and Bela Ligosi are in their own world. They cannot understand why the public does not adore their masterpiece horror films. The rest of the world, however, views Ed Wood as the worst director of all time.