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The Rich Keep Getting Richer Robert B. Reich was born in 1946 and is a Professor, activist, politician, and an author. He graduated from Yale Law School, John F. Kennedy Government School, and was a Rhodes scholar studying at Oxford University. Reich served as secretary of labor in the first Clinton administration and has a reputation of being a "conciliator, who can see opposite sides" to every question and solve them (Jacobus, 287). He has written many …

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…American Economy are valid due to his train of thoughts, evidence, examples and facts presented throughout the essay and various assumptions about the economy today. Social orders always will exist and the degree of success will be determined by the where you choose to stand in this order. WORKS CITED Reich, Robert B. "Why the Rich Are Getting Richer and the Poor, Poorer." A World Of Ideas, Ed. Lee A. Jacobus. Boston: Bedford Books, 1998. 251-275.