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THE RELIGIOUS STATE OF VIETNAM Part 1: Geographical, Political, and Religious Demographics Vietnam has an area of 127,207 square miles and is located in Southeast Asia. The country has a coastline of nearly 1,440 miles (2,317 kilometers), much of which fronts on the South China Sea. Border countries are China, Cambodia, and Laos. The current government is a Socialist Republic. The population of Vietnam in the early 1990s was estimated at more than 67 million. Birth- and death rates respectively …

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…It is the basic communist government. Pretty soon things will get worse and everyone will go to war. Things can only get worse for Vietnam. The only way to save Vietnam from war is too convince the government that everyone will be okay if you let them live their own lives. If you give a country religious freedom things will be a lot more peaceful and safe. Religious freedom is the best answer for Vietnam.