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THE PERUVIAN SOCIETY Much to my surprise, the Peruvian society consists of a distinct and diverse culture, one, which would not be envisioned for the current twenty-first century. It is a society in which I, as an American, look at as unusual and peculiar. This course has opened my eyes to something way beyond my comprehension of a society living today. In the article I have found describing Peru as “A State of Decay”, I …

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…age 15. “The most serious health problem faced by Peruvian women is indisputably that of controlling and spacing births. 80% of all women say that they have more children then they desired to have”(author unknown, pg. 6). In conclusion, I have learned a great deal about the lives of Peruvian families. I am partly shocked by what I’ve learned yet I find it interesting learning about other societies and how they live each and every day.