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THE LANDLORDS OF THE OCEAN Have you ever thought about the landlords of the oceans? There is a saying: "Big fish eats the smaller ones." The most powerful and deadly animals who taste the freedom of the sea world are whales. So many kinds of whales exist. One of the most interesting kinds is the bottle-nosed whale. It is no wonder why they are given this name. Their bulbous forehead and elongated snout give them …

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…all the scientific classifications that are stated above about the bottle-nosed whales are for the human beings to know them better. We, human beings, are so overwhelmed by their beauty that we need to explore and explain their environment and put them under titles like Hyperoodon ampullatus (northern bottle-nosed whale) and Hyperoodon planifrons (southern bottle-nosed whales). Science can name them, but the goal of discovering the mystery behind the landlords of the ocean is unreachable.