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Stephen Crane's story, "The Open Boat," presents four shipwrecked men trying to perpetuate their survival in their fight against the sea. Crane masters depicting pathos in such a way that the story does not overfill the reader with sentimentality. Heroism also shines through the characters, something which gives a greater understanding of their situation. As the reader follows the story along, she gets a sense that she's in the story, yet, her emotions aren't forced …

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…creates a heroic and pathetic situation without the overuse of sentimentality. He uses immense descriptions of the sea, and he uses consideration of death to help the reader empathize with the characters. The heroism is shown throughout the entire story, but comes strongest in the end. Unselfishness and courage are presented in the characters and elevate them to greatness. Crane perfects the heroic and pathetic just as the men perfect their interpretations of the sea.