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The actions of a matured Telemakhos A Homeric man can be defined as someone who journeys to different lands and is also skilled in battle and council. We have read the previous books in which Athena aids Telemakhos with his first step towards maturity. Book 18 offers us another view of his transformation from a boy to a man. Telemakhos’ conversations with the suitors and Penelope reveal his acknowledgement of his present situation and new responsibilities. …

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…man-hood and help to bring bloody death to the suitor’s eyes. Eurynome, a housekeeper, also points out Telemakhos’ physical maturity. She tells Penelope, “ already your son is of the age that you have most prayed to the gods to see him at, growing a beard” (18.176-177). 7 Book 18 supplies the reader with hints of Telemakhos’ growing. His actions, speech, and looks are that of a Homeric man, on his way to gain the warrior status.