Symbolism in The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne - This essay describes various signs of symbolism such as the big, oak door, the "A" on the minister's heart, and the meteor.

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The Scarlet Letter In the story, The Scarlet Letter, the involvement of supernatural events, spiritual and physical, gives the story a touch of a fantasy and shows the reader what is in the mind of the characters. Many times, mystical happenings take place that give the tale suspense and intensity. The author, I think, takes the mental state of the characters, incorporates it into the story, and may add a little exaggeration. And the scenes …

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…She also isn't afraid of the forest. It is not the dark forest to her. Strangely, she plays with the animals and adorns herself with flowers. From the examples shown, Nathaniel Hawthorne uses some strange events to display his symbolism. The meteor in the sky and the forest creatures all playing and frolicking with Pearl create a mystical feel. These elements help to describe the feeling of the character and the mood of the scene.