Symbolism in The Grave

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Born May 15, 1890, in Indian Creek, Texas; Katherine Anne Porter has written numerous short stories and a novel. Katherine Anne Porter uses autobiographical information and symbolism to relate the story of Miranda’s maturation into adulthood in her short story “The Grave.” In “The Grave,” Miranda discovers her feminine side (West 28), and although she is only a child, Miranda understands a few of the events that shape a person into adulthood (Mooney 20). Porter’s genius as …

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…her friendship. Porter uses the letters as starting points for her fiction. Unrue, Darlene Harbour. “Katherine Anne Porter, Politics, and Another Reading of ‘Theft.’” Studies in Short Fiction. Vol. 30. (1993): 119-27. EBSCOhost. AN: 9511241777. Summary: This article examines the political views of Katherine Anne Porter and how those views affected her work as an author. It also tells of the issues that molded these political beliefs. It tells of her involvement with socialist and feminist political activities.