Sylvia Plath’s poetry and Charlotte Brontes Jane Eyre

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Sylvia Plath’s poetry and Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre both incorporate an element of feminism and reveal the attitudes women from their respective time periods encountered. Both Plath and Brontë express extremely feminine points of view in their work. Jane Eyre spans the course of the Jane’s life. Therefore the novel is a bildungsroman, literally meaning a novel (roman) of development (bildungs). The novel describes the growth of Jane’s character from childhood …

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…by allowing her to be cheeky on occasion: “[You are] very [hideous] sir, you always were you know.” It is indeed ironic that in “Jane Eyre” Rochester is eventually entirely dependent on Jane, a woman financially, emotionally and even physically. In this sense “Jane Eyre” is a feminist triumph but Rochester’s dependency and Jane’s financial security has come about by a twist of fate rather than any moral battles on Jane’s part.