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Introduction Sweden, officially Konungariket Sverige (Kingdom of Sweden), constitutional monarchy in northern Europe, and occupying the eastern portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula. It is bounded on the north and west by Norway, on the northeast by Finland, on the east by the Gulf of Bothnia and the Baltic Sea, and on the southwest by the Skagerrak, kattegat, and Oresund straits. Sweden includes the islands of Gotland and Oland in the Baltic Sea. It is the …

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…and 15E. It lies to the east of Norway and to the west of Finland. It is in the continent of Europe, which is the fifth largest continent in the world. Environmental Problems Some of Sweden’s environmental problems are acid rain damaging soils and lakes, pollution of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, and ice floes in the surrounding water, especially in the Gulf of Bothnia, can interfere with maritime traffic. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**