Supernatural Elements in Macbeth

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Macbeth by William Shakespeare is a wicked display of one manís weaknesses and the forces that possess him. Macbeth was gullible and single-minded. He was obsessed with the throne, which became his ultimate goal. The witches were misleading with their ambiguous predictions because they wanted to disrupt the order of the hierarchy. The witches and the powers that they represented roused Macbeth to the kingship and eventually to his death. Macbeth, just like anybody …

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…their ambiguous predictions. The only thing Macbeth cared about was maintaining the throne. The witchesí predictions may have been ambiguous with a line of kings and predictions of invulnerability sharpened Macbethís gullibility. The three sisters of evil were to corrupt and create disorder and chaos in an entire kingdom. End Notes Macbeth W. Shakespeare, Longman Canada Limited 1965, Act I, Scene 3, L. 48-50 Act IV, Scene I, L. 78-81 Act I, Scene I, L. 1-12