Sumerian vs Egyptian Deities

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Sumerian vs Egyptian Deities The Sumerian and Egyptian cultures developed a rich and detailed mythology over the thousands of years of their existence. Each culture developed its own complex, polytheistic system of deities and worship. There are many aspects of both of these two culture's gods that are similar, but for one to truly understand the relationship between these two cultures one must delve deeper and look at the differences. The Sumerians had four leading …

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…of these two ancient civilizations has left a permanent mark in history and has set the standards for future religions. Works Cited Egypt Mythology. Emory University and Memorial Art Gallery. Oct 7. 1996. <> (29 Apr. 1999) Ions, Veronica. Egyptian Mythology. New York: Peter Bedrick Books. 1982. Kramer, Samuel Noah. Sumerian Mythology. Harper & Brothers. New York, 1961 Siren, Christopher. Sumerian Mythology FAQ (version 1.11html),1992,1994 . (Oct. 3, 1999)