Sumerian and Nile Valley civilizations and the comparison between both.

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The ancient civilizations of the Nile Valley and Sumer are considered to be the beginning of life in their respected regions. The following essay will provide a look into the similarities between these two great societies. The Nile Valley civilization began as early as early as the Paleolithic Age, and a Neolithic culture was formed there around 6000 B.C. By about 3800 B.C. the people of this region began to take steps toward creating an …

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…god of the air and storms, and Ea, god of the waters. Unlike Egyptians, Sumerians did not have a strong belief in the afterlife. They believed neither in rewards in heaven or punishment in hell. They did believe in a dark, lower world. They feared ghosts, and thought if possessions were not buried with one, their spirit would come back to haunt that person. This concludes my essay on the Nile Valley and Sumer Civilizations