Study notes on the Anti-War, Post-1900 poem; "Spring Offensive"

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Spring Offensive Spring Offensive is a poem about a group of soldiers getting ready to attack. Normally we associate spring with new life growth and happiness. In this case, the soldiers can only expect their death. The soldiers are resting and nature seems to be giving them some energy. "The summer oozed into their veins, like an injected drug for their bodies pains." However, as they rest, they are still aware that they soon will …

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…He was probably encouraged to join by the propaganda at the time. "Someone had said, he'd look like a god in kilts, that's why and maybe too; to please Meg." He no longer will enjoy the company of women "Tonight he noticed how the women's eyes passed from him to the strong men that were whole." He now will spend the rest of his life being looked after in an institution. His independence is gone.