Students and a better life.

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STUDENTS AND A BETTER LIFE Today, all the people living on earth are concerned with a huge system, which consists of workers, unemployed people, women, men, criminals, the innocent, and lots of some other kinds of people. However, there is not anybody who is interrogating or trying to find a better system of life. Everybody conforms to the rules of his/her environment. But, there should be a solution for this conforming and living without …

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…diminish dogmatic assurance which closes the mind against speculation." (9)Everybody should know philosophy. If we are part of a huge system in the world, of course there must be lots of wrong ways and attitudes in this system. By interrogating and asking questions we always get closer to the best system. Only by this way we can solve the problems and find solutions. WORKS CITED Russell, B. The Problems of Philosophy. London: Oxford University Press, 1969.