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JAMES I James I ruled from 1603-1625. He was a believer of Absolute Power, as he himself believed he had power bestowed upon him by God ( known as the Divine Right of Kings ). While he occasionally passed statements in favor of the Puritans/Anglicans, he was believed to be ( as most Stuarts ) secretly Catholic. He was not exceedingly fond of Parliament, but had few skirmishes with them, he favored instead, the Lords. He was believed …

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…had a good deal of control. The time of the Divine Right of Kings had already passed. They were married but had no children, thus the state passed the Act of Settlement in 1701; which kept heirs of James ( who were Catholic ) off the throne. They were supporters ( with little choice ) of the Church of England. Their successor was Mary’s sister, Anne. Bibliography Manwell, Charles. Modern History: Progress in the making. New York: McDougle Little. 1987.