Structuallism and its founder, Ferdinand de Saussure.

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Ferdinand de Saussure was born in Genebva in 1857. He spend his life studying linguistics and laid the foundation for a school of thought later named structualism. Saussure completed his education in Geneve, Leipzig, and Berlin obtaining his doctorate in 1800. He taught historical linguistics at Paris and became a professor of Indo-European linguistics at Geneva. Why do the English transcribe a rooster's cros as "coco-a-doodle-doo," but the Spanish as "cocorico"? The sound ofa rooster crowing is …

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…some cultures place hte adjective first, "the green paper," while some the noun,"la papel verde." THese ideas are the brianchild of one literary genius, Ferdinand de Saussure. Saussure died in 1913. As with most grat minds, his works have been recognized greatly postmortem. He has had a major impact on the minds of linguists of the twentieth and twenty-first centures. HIs views on languages will contine to endure through the minds of generations to come.