Strategic managemnt of acer operating in Canada

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Part IProblem/Opportunity Acer is a large and fast growing PC manufacturer worldwide. The company realized the business opportunities in Canadian market in 1996. The general manager of Acer America's Canadian operation believed that if they did the right thing, the firm could have a prosperous future. However, there were some difficult problems for him: 1.Was the Canadian market worth pursuing? If so, in what manner? 2.Should the operation be just sales office or a self-sufficient …

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…were consolidating operations with the result that the Canadian market was increasingly being served from the United States. Also, in today's PC industry, more and more leading companies are concentrating on marketing because speed and cost are the primary factors that will determine the success or failure of these companies in the future. It is clear that by choosing option one, Acer will be able to better manage their resources and achieve better market position.