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His left hand holds the black marker as it streaks across his right. An “X” appears on the flesh of his right hand. He has now marked himself. He rubs his shaven head and checks on his size five gauged ears that a finger could poke clean through. Spikes adorn his neck and wrists. The tattoos covering his body admit he’s a “VEGAN.” He pulls on a hoodie that states the band name “Earth …

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…up and getting drunk. That’s not rebellion. That’s the things our parents did, and it’s just not rebellious. You can’t accomplish anything by being drunk, things need to be changed right now.” Karl Beuchner, a member of the band “Earth Crisis” sums it all up by saying, “the key to self liberation is abstinence from the destructive escapism of intoxication, I separate from the poison of mindlessness I’ve always abhorred.”