Story of the Negro Leagues

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Some say baseball is America’s greatest pastime. Most would agree with that if not after reading this book they will. Patricia C. McKissack’s Black Diamond is very useful, up-to-date, its style is very clear and understandable. The author of Black Diamond was mostly Patricia C. McKissack, it was partially written by her son Frederick McKissack. McKissack is an award-winning author who has a passion for baseball as a whole. Patricia has written many …

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…follow. Patricia C. McKissack’s Black Diamond is a very useful, up-to-date, and the style is very logical and understandable. I would recommend this book not only to baseball lovers but to anyone interested in Black Culture or just for something fun to read. “The history of the Negro Leagues is a patchwork of human drama and comedy, filled with legendary heroes, infamous owners, triple-headers, low pay, and long bus rides home-not unlike the majors.”