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Jeremy Croy KC7OFQ 10/1/96 M.C. Lit 7 Essay on Ceremony Ceremony is the story about Tayo, A Native American World War II Veteran, and his struggle to find himself. He struggles to adapt to a world where his people have to fight between the what "whites" say is the true path, and what his culture says the right path. Ceremony displays Tayoís struggle by comparing his struggle to find his own path, to the …

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…the enemy is otherís and gets bloodlust to end the problem. The solution isnít that simple and that the author stated such a thing is a step down as her point as an author. Robert A. Heinlien showed the plot of minorities without having the main character call everyone else destroyers, and punishers of Mother Earth. The main character found his path, it just wasnít one with harmony in mind. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**