"Stories of Ambiguity by Anton Chekhov.

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Ambiguity Anton Chekhov's short and fictional stories played an important role in the history of literature. Chekhov's writings marked the transformation into the modern form with modern ideas. His work was marked as profound works of literature, such as his short story, "The Lady with the Dog", which was called one of the greatest stories ever written. Along with good reviews often comes criticism. Karl Kramer, a critic and the author of "Stories of Ambiguity" …

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…unclear and confuse the reader, but ultimately there are more reasons supporting the argument that Gurov did change and that the ambiguity lies in the ending. The story presents very few supporting details to back up Kramer's argument. Chekhov presents the ending in neutral terms, which is the reason that at the end the reader is unclear about the future of Gurov and Anna. Therefore, Gurov did change and the ending is the ambiguous element.