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 Stonehenge is one of the worlds best known monuments of the ancient times. Stonehenge stood for over five thousand years, and still we do not know the full use of this mysterious arrangement of stones. Stonehenge remains asan ancient monument that still propose mysteries to it origin and purpose. At first, scientists had no clue as to who built Stonehenge. The Romans, Egyptians, and the Phoenicians were all suggested to have been a possible creator …

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…past one hundred years we have been studying Stonehenge. There have been countless digs for relics of the past. Over these past one hundred years much had been learned about Stonehenge. For all the research, we must realize that all of these reasons are not solutions, but merely speculations. We may dig, study, and scrutinize every part of Stonehenge, but we will never know all of the secrets of the ancient megalith known as Stonehenge.