Stevie Smith and Christianity

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Discovering the essence of Christianity is too varied and diverse a topic for anyone to pin to solely one definition. How one approaches the topic of Christianity is often in accordance to their personal foundations of religious belief. Sometimes these beliefs are deeply seeded during childhood so, as children mature into adults, they seldom doubt that which has been taught to them for so many years. English poet, Florence Margaret Smith, was not one of …

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…or anything regardless of how unacceptable her action seemed to be. Bibliography Works Cited Barbera, Jack and William McBrien. STEVIE. New York : Oxford University Press, 1987. Mahoney, John L. Seeing Into the Life of Things: Essays on Religion and Literature. New York : Fordham University Press, 1998. Smith, Stevie. New Selected Poems of Stevie Smith. New York : New Directions Publishing Company, 1937. Spalding, Frances. Stevie Smith. New York : W.W. Norton & Company, 1988. Sternlicht, Sanford. Stevie Smith. Boston : Twayne Publishers, 1990.