Stephen Kumalo's Traits (Cry, the Beloved Country)

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Stephen Kumaloís Traits In Alan Patonís novel Cry the Beloved Country, Kumalo is the main character. Kumalo grew up in a small village and as he journeys out to Johannesburg his personality is exposed when he interacts with other characters. Some traits that come out are his morality, naiveté, and at times his wickedness. Ndotsheni made Kumalo who he is because of how he acts in contrast with those people who live in …

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…some ways. Kumaloís naivete attributes to his congeniality, and at times provides humor in simple confusions, such as not understanding their toilets. Stephen is a kind preacher, who is honest and forgiving yet at times, can be cruel. Kumaloís actions portray him like a real person with different feelings at different times. His character alters greatly from his trip to Johannesburg, and when he would have been weak before, he is now strong.