Stena Line Ferries

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Stena is an international transport and travel service company, in operation since 1962. Stena comprises of two main divisions, freight and passenger ferries. Currently it operates 16 ferry routes between the UK and Ireland. Although Stena is currently operating in turbulent economic times, the organisation has many internal strengths, such as a good financial track record backed up by a strategically focused international management team. Obviously the external macro-environment poses some threats i.e. the Iraq war, …

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…to the fact that the researchers were directed away from the Stena Plus lounge for corporate clientele. This must be taken into consideration when analysing the data as effectively the number of business respondents were reduced. Conclusions drawn from the research suggests that Stena should continue to promote the advantages and benefits to the customer of the loyalty scheme. It may encourage repeat users and could perhaps be used more effectively in future marketing campaigns.