Steamboats in Louisiana

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STEAMBOATS IN LOUISIANA Robert Fulton started the very first commercially successful steamboat service in America. His steam-powered paddleboat, the Clermont, sailed up the Hudson River from New York City to Albany in August of 1807. This trip lasted 32 hours The first steamboats were demonstrated in1787. They were used on the river ways to bring cargo, cotton, sugar, and people to their destinations. The steamboat played a major part in the population growth. The steamboats were usually …

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…have riverboat gambling in Shreveport and Baton Rouge as well as New Orleans. Unlike the past, today’s riverboat gambling is tightly controlled by each state. On these river cruises there is no set limit on betting and gambling is done on a variety of coin operated amusement devices and gaming tables. The romance of the Steamboat, affectionately called the Paddlewheeler goes on today thanks to the rich history it has enjoyed since the 1700’s. .