Statistical Process Control

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Statistical Process Control Consistent high quality has become a requirement in today’s competitive market. One vital tool for preventing problems is Statistical Process Control (SPC). SPC is the use of statistics to analyze a process or output so actions can be taken to achieve and maintain statistical control and to improve the consistency of the process. (Jirka, 1995) Statistical – drawing conclusions using a scientific/mathematical approach of analyzing data Process – the whole combination of people, …

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…problem is resolved, the probability of repeat sales to the customer has been reduced. True SPC demands that the process be characterized and controlled so that defective parts are prevented, not merely detected after they have been produced. Performing statistical process control on a finished part is too late. Gathering enough information about the process to learn what happens, when it happens, and before the problem occurs, is the goal of statistical process control. (Bohn, 1996)