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Stanislavski Constantin Stanislavski was born on January 17th 1863, in Moscow. Stanislavski evolved his own system of preparing plays which resulted in remarkable ensemble acting. After he finished school, Stanislavski did not like the melodramatic style of acting which was popular in Russia, and throughout the rest of the world. Stanislavski met with a successful playwright and teacher of theatre, called Vladimir Nemitovich - Danchenko to discuss ways of changing Russian theatre. They met on 22 June 1897. …

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…such as intelligence, complete self discipline, perfect control over voice, diction, physical movement and the ability to experience a whole range of human emotions from his actors. He expected actors to analyse completely their characters so they could understand why they behaved the way they did. He instructed all his actors to analyse themselves as well as the characters. Stanislavski developed a style of realism which still influences plays and actors all over the world.