Standing Mahadeva

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Standing Mahadeva Indian art is based on gods and goddesses of India. The only proof of the existence of the god is the sculptures, which have been carved by the people for thousands of the years. These sculptures tell us the story of the gods and goddesses. The stones are the storytellers, which are now found in temples, caves, monuments, and museums. The Cleveland museum of art includes a remarkable image of standing Mahadeva. It …

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…the supreme Lord, the eternal. The sculpture is very well carved. The stone, which is used, is very fine grain. Fine details of the image make it attractive. Carving is very defined. Works Cited Introduction to Hinduism. Tourism in India-exotic places- Elephanta Caves, Discover India. Demons, Gods and Holy Men, Shahrukh Husain, 1987. Amar Chitra Katha.