Standard Oil 1911

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Standard Oil Case of 1911 Out of the cases decided by the Supreme Court I feel the most influential dealt with the issue of Civil Rights. Two cases in particular that dealt with the post Civil War use of the Thirteenth Amendment were Jones v. Mayer, 1968 and Runyan v. McCrary, 1976. Although the Thirteenth Amendment was added to the constitution in 1865 it was not fully put to use until one hundred years later. That is why I …

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…the discussion that was part of the Michael M. v. Superior Court that is not just regards the law of the men only draft. Requiring that only men be drafted is sexually discriminating. These laws are seen as constitutional under the clause that they are part of an important governmental objective. These laws are about as constitutional as the "separate but equal" laws were. They only give superior power to a certain group of people.