Staging in Six Characters in Search of an Author

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Staging in "Six Characters in Search of an Author" Pirandello's masterpiece, "Six Characters in Search of an Author" is well known for its innovative techniques of characterization, especially in the fullness of character as exhibited by the Stepdaughter and the Father, but it is especially renowned, and rightfully so, for the brilliant staging techniques employed by its author. Pirandello uses his innovative staging techniques specifically to symbolize, within the confines of the theater, the blending …

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…truth of Pirandello's play is that not only is there no difference between art and reality, there is no reality, or perhaps more specifically, no art, at all, and indeed, no members of the cast anymore than there are members of the audience. In the final analysis, the only difference between the cast members in Pirandello's play and the members of his audience is that one paid to get in and the other got hired.