St Lawrence SeaWay

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Geog.4030 The St. Lawrence Sea-Way Penetrating 3,540 kilometers (2,200 miles) into interior North America, the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Sea-way navigation system, completed in essentially its present form in 1959, was regarded as one of the great engineering accomplishments of the 20th century and an outstanding example of international cooperation. . It was intended to remove much of the disadvantage of the continental interior in importing and exporting overseas. It was also designed to meet the increasing needs for electric …

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…both rail and highway taketheir rates lower than otherwise. Some industries with the Great Lakes region in both the United States a Canada produce and receive heavy and bulky items which cannot be transported overland. Without the sea-way such establishments would be tempted to relocate.The St. Lawrence Sea-way was partially motivated by the reasoning of reducing the transportation rate disadvantage of interior North America relative to coastal locations, where direct all-water routes are available.