St. Marks vs. Notre Dame

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St. Marks vs. Notre Dame St. Mark's Cathedral, built in 829AD, contains a plethora of different architectural and sculptural influences from throughout the centuries. Although it was built in the Byzantine era its style is rooted in the traditions of the Roman Empire (Demus). St. Mark's giant vaulted ceiling contains five large timber frame domes which each rest on a group of four piers. One large central dome is surrounded by four smaller domes in …

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…way, they both still stand today with all the elegance and splendor of the time they were built. 1) 2) Otto Demus. The Church of San Marco in Venice. Washington, D.C.: The Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection Trustees for Harvard University, 1960. NA5621.V5D4 3) Doreen Yarwood. The Architecture of Europe. New York: Hastings House, 1974. ISBN 0-8038-0364-8. LC 73-11105. NA950.Y37. aerial perspective drawing, f208, p102