Sport Psychology: Analysis of Psychological Skills Training models with particular reference to Thomas's (1990) model for performance enhancement.

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The ultimate quest for sport psychologists is to establish what psychological factors produce the winning formula or to try to establish a profile of the successful athlete. Within the psychological framework attempts, to determine the "ideal athletic personality" have only been marginally successful (Morgan 1980, in White, 1993). One of the categories observed in order to understand and move towards the 'ideal athletic personality' is that of Psychological Skills Training (PST), "It is contended that mental skills …

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…Their effect on a motor skill performance. Journal of Sport Behavior, 19, 32-49 White, S.A. (1993)The Relationship Between Psychological Skills, Experience, and Practical Commitment Among Collegiate Male and Female Skiers Sport Psychologist, 7, 49-57 Websites: Waldron & McCann: Balague, G.: Dugdale, J., Hodge, K.: