"Spider" by William Taylor.

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Teenage Identity- Acceptance and the Struggle To Understand Oneself By Anita Pea Who am I? What kind of person am I? Discovering the answers to these as well as coping with the acne, the awkwardness, what's in, what's not, the drama of first love- we have all been though it. While the older generation found it tough themselves to deal with adolescence, it is even harder on today's generations. With the lifestyles of our society, …

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…Spider but Matthew Trent. As he at last is happy and understands himself, Spider gets the great love of his life that he had been pining after and his musical talent is ultimately revealed, admired and accepted by all as he plays with all his heart and wins a prestigious contest. 'Spider' is a classic contemporary book about one's journey to understand themselves, gaining acceptance from others and at long last grow up. WORD COUNT: 802