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It is a familiar scene during prime-time television: A young woman is shown driving a red Mitsubishi Eclipse down a country road at very high speed. The woman is -on her way to her grandparents' home, and the car is going so fast that it makes the house rumble when she arrives. Meanwhile, the announcer declares: "It's uncommonly fast, and fun to drive, and it makes quite an entrance." The steady stream of advertisements like …

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…speed a vehicle is travelling when it hits a pedestrian the greater the chance of a fatality occurring. The impact on a person in a crash at 60km/h is equivalent to falling from a four story building, while the impact at 100km/h equals falling from a 12-story building. In general speed-related crashes are greater on weekends (both holiday and non-holiday) as they account for just under half of the speeding related crashes in 1996.