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British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain gave this speech to the House of Commons on September 1, 1939, just hours after Hitler's troops had invaded Poland. Chamberlain and others had spent years negotiating with Hitler in order to prevent another war in Europe, two decades after the Great War in which an entire generation of young men had been wiped out. Negotiations with Hitler had included surrendering the sovereign rights of Czechoslovakia and standing by as Hitler's troops …

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…that will be entailed upon us will find their fullest justification. Neville Chamberlain - September 1, 1939 On September 3, amid the continuing Nazi lightning attack (Blitzkrieg) against Poland, Chamberlain announced that a state of war now existed. Chamberlain remained Prime Minister until May of 1940. Following Hitler's invasion of Norway and Denmark, Chamberlain was driven from the House of Commons amid the hoots and chants of even his own supporters. He was replaced on May 10, 1940, by Winston Churchill.