Spanish Conquistadors

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Spanish Conquistadors During the years of 1500 through 1799 the Spanish began to settle in America. Their main reason for coming to America was to find gold. Two of the most famous Spanish conquistadors are Ponce de León and Hernán Cortés. Ponce de León was born on 1460 in San Servos. In 1493 he joined Columbus on his 2nd voyage to the Americas. After that he settled on a Caribbean island named Hispaniola. In 1506, he …

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…but also because of him Spain gained all of the riches that the Aztec Empire owned. After all that Cortés helped an unsuccessful expedition in 1541. After the expedition he lived the rest of his life in a small estate near Seville. He died in 1547. Of all the expedition done in the newly discovered land, the Spaniards accomplished the most. They defeated the Aztecís and settled much of the Caribbean Islands and South America.