Soren Kierkegaard

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Soren Kierkegaard By Adam C. Schuyler Philosophy 101 February 28, 2000 Existentialism is a philosophical movement that stresses on individual existence. Humans are totally free and responsible for their own actions. Man is not a detached observer of the world, he "exists," he is "in the world." Only man is in his own existence, nothing else can share that existence. Man has no set rules to follow nor are there a set number of choices he has to …

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…meaning the repetition of faith is the self. Soren Kierkegaard would address a current social justice issue by judging that issue by the way of reasoning and how that justice issue would pertain to him and the ways of God. He would also look at the way people were handling the issue to see if the issue was that of great importance or that of a non-cinlusive argument that didn't have any use or reasoning.