"Sonny's blues" by james baldwin.

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It is a story of two brothers with different perspectives on life. At the beginning, Sonny was caught with heroin and went to jail. Throughout the story, the flashbacks gave the reader insights to why Sonny and his brother behaved like they did. So many emotions enveloped this small story. Fears, hopes, and ambitions haunted this Harlem family until they both embrace reality.In the beginning i only thought of Sonny as a troubled child, …

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…that they must be forcing the children to do what they themselves want to do. But there's still this string of expectation. Although James himself doesn't like jazz very much, he's still glad to see Sonny has done something great that he himself can't do. Therefore, James hears himself from the conversation about his brother. In protecting Sonny so that he can achieve his goal, James' only means is to care so much about him.