Socrates, the First Monotheist

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Essay Socrates was an early Greek philosopher who had many pupils, but even more enemies. In 399 B.C., he was charged with denying the existence of the gods of the state and in turn creating new divinities. By teaching, he was corrupting the youth of Athens. He pleaded his case in Plato's Apology, but he was eventually convicted and executed. In this essay, I intend to prove that Socrates did not deny the existing Greek …

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…my argument. Socrates' beliefs were very similar to those of monotheistic religions. One of his desires in life was to achieve virtue in order to achieve salvation. He condemned sin and refused to commit any wrongdoings. He even refused to escape prison when Crito offered him the chance. Socrates refers to one God over and over again, and praises him most high. Socrates was a monotheist because the Greek gods couldn't satisfy him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**