Social and cultural organisation of Axum

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Socio-Cultural Organisation of Axum/Aksum Ethnicity; - In identifying the race and language of the people of Aksum one must look back once again to the origins of this civilisation. ? 8th to 6th millennia BC - development of pastoralism then agriculture in northern Africa and southwestern Asia. The ancient language of these peoples fragmented as the population grew; modern Cushitic and Semitic languages spoken in Ethiopia today are a result of this. ? 2nd millennia BC – …

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…Da’amat’s economy, defence, different trades, belief system, art and so on; “characterised by a strong southern Arabian influence”, there is also evidence of major contact with the kingdom of Kush (influenced by Egypt) and possibly the Greek world. Stratification of Aksum society (far more complex than that of Da’amat) is clearly documented in archaeological evidence although the majority of the detail surrounds the elite. Three main types of buildings have been distinguished