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Vocabulary Lesson 1 1. gauge- width of a train track 2. network- system of connected railroad lines 3. consolidate- combine 4. rebate- discount 5. pool- system in which several railroad companies agreed to divide up the buisness in an area Lesson 2 1. Bessemer process- method developed in the 1850s to produce strongersteel at a lower cost. 2. vertical integration- practice in which a single manufacturer controls all of the steps used to change raw materials into finished products. 3. corporation- business that is owned …

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…Jones best knwon for? The best known women in the labor movement was Irish-born. Spoke publicy 6. Why is the Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire significant in the labor movement? The company had locked the doors to keep nworkers at their jobs. Shocked enough people other states started safety rules. 7. Why were unions not popular in the U.S. in the late 1800s? Many were afriad that unions were run by foriegn-born racicals. Were disturbed by stikes.